Monday, June 10, 2013

lick the bone

The sun has finally hit the East Coast. You know what that means. Beers are chillin' and meat be grillin'. I bet you're thinking I'm about to share some awesome BBQ recipe. Well, not this time. Don't get me wrong, beers on the deck and BBQ'd dins is all I can think about when it's warm. But sometimes you just gotta let the experts do the cooking.

I'd like to say I'm schooled in the ways of the grill, that I've travelled the Southern US stuffing smokey goodness into my face at every stop on the road. But I'd be lying. What I would give to tour the legendary BBQ joints of the South. Most definitely bucket list material. I'm a huge fan of all things pork so when BBQ finally hit our city, I was all over it. At present, we have but three BBQ joints in the city, one a chain out of Florida that I honestly haven't been rushing to try. For me, there's only one on that list. When the BBQ  Let's be real, when the pork craving takes hold, it's Boneheads BBQ every time. I can't stay away from the pulled pork sammie.

Since the very first time I put that meat in my mouth, I was hooked. Yeah, I said that.  Now despite a menu full of meaty goodness, I can't order anything but. Once Brent and I shared the behemoth pit boss sampler, a huge feast for 2-4 with pretty much every thing on the menu. Though a whole world of delicious, the next visit we were right back on the ol' pulled pork train. Never overcooked or mushy like we've had in other places, Boneheads does pulled pork proud. Straight up, perfectly smoked piggy served simply in rub and its own juices. I'm so addicted to pork that I've even gagged my way through many a sloppy pulled pork sammie so smothered in sauce there might as well not have been meat in there. None of that at Boneheads. If sauce is your thing, three house made sauces, all delicious, allow you to flavour it any way you want, leaving us purists with juice running happily down our chins.

customization station
Besides the food being awesome, Boneheads is also locally owned, a big plus in my books. Even cooler is how they rock the social media, specifically twitter. Not only are they engaged with their public, but they're some of the funniest tweeters around. Their email is so you can see where I'm going with this. Give them a follow @boneheadsbbq to get in on the action.

They've also been winning Best Ribs in The Coast for years now and were even featured on You Gotta Eat Here. So listen to us. Put it in your mouth Halifax.