Sunday, May 5, 2013

brunchin: The Coastal Cafe

Oh brunch, that heavenly marriage between breakfast and lunch. The meal where burgers join eggs benedict at the table, where daytime drinking is encouraged, where sleeping in is rewarded with eggs well into the afternoon. With brunch in the city being an almost exclusive weekend affair, you'd be hard pressed to get your eggy fix during the week save but a few diners with all day breakfasts or the generic 20 page menu at the one brunch franchise. Serving up brunch 6 whole days a week, it's just one more reason The Coastal Cafe is at the top of my list.

It being my third post professing my love, there's really no surprise Coastal is my brunch go to. But here's the thing, it has counter service, the coffee is only ok (snob alert) and, with about 25 seats and a lineup of folks learing at you as you finish your meal, the atmosphere may not be the best in the city. Back it up. You're telling me the best brunch in the city doesn't have great coffee, doesn't have table service (though they do a combo of table/counter service so tip 'em well), and doesn't have amazing atmosphere? Hells yes I am. At Coastal, it's all about the food.


Creative and delicious, the food at Coastal is unlike anything else in the city. Where else can you find the Durty Bird, a buffalo chicken, bacon and guac breakfast sandwich that would make the Colonial himself gasp in disbelief. Or A Durtier South (pictured above) consisting of three eggs, BBQ brisket, red eye beans, cheesy fried grits, and crispy spicy onions. A take on my most beloved Coastal dish, the Durty South, this had me written all over it. Welcome to the party, it's in my mouth. Brent's Les Oeufs Printemps, two poached eggs with asparagus, onions, new potatoes, sprout salad, mornay sauce, and baguette was equally as satisfying. But, the best part, the Coastal's chimichuri steak heuvos totally blew the mind of our bestie in town from Montreal. Nothin' but empty plates going back to that kitchen.

With inventive takes on waffles, scrambles, and other mind blowing dishes rounding out the seasonal menu, there is literally is something for everyone. And don't even get me started on the lunch menu. So, the next time you imbibe a little too much and are looking for the cure, forgo the greezy bacon n' eggs, get in that line and put your belly in the hands of Chef Mark Giffin.

Damn, now I'm hungry.