Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the buzz: Apr 17

It's been more than three weeks since the last buzz and so much has happened. First, the event listing at Food Bloggers of Canada are live. If you're looking for food and drink related events in your area, look no further. Of particular interest is PEI's Burger Love, a month long burger extravaganza, that I would easily gain 20 lbs for if I lived on the Island. And here we thought we had it made for Burger Week. Take note Halifax. HRM Burger Month 2014. Let's do this.

FBC's Restaurant Roundup of Canada's favourite pizza joints was also released last week and looky looky who's first. Can't help but give mad props to Morris East and their creative pies. Pulled pork and crackling oh my! All the pizza's coast to coast look delicious but check out Ottawa's pizza and gravy. Say what?!

But the huge news is that the first ever Food Bloggers of Canada Conference just wrapped up this past weekend and, let me tell you, it was a game changer. While I will share my experience and inspiration in a later post, know that eatHalifax is about to get a lot more exciting. In the meantime, check out my instagram feed for some sneak peaks.

Where to start on the local news? After establishing a Pinterest board for Halifax food bloggers, Kelly Neil and I thought wouldn't it be great to have all the Halifax food bloggers in one place. And so I present to you the Halifax Food Bloggers facebook page. We're 26 strong and cover everything from baking to cooking to photography to resto reviews. We've got some cool tricks up our sleeves so you're going to want to hit that 'like' button. Plus, it's a great way to get updates on all 26 blogs without getting 26 separate emails. You're welcome. However, it's always best to subscribe to your favs since I'm not promising we'll catch every post.

As I mentioned in the last buzz, Brent and I recently became members of Slow Food NS. I urge you to take a read about what the international movement for good, clean, fair food is all about. I could cite a million examples of how our current food system is failing us but I'll just say it's high time we know where our food is coming from. If you're looking for a way to contribute without signing up, do I have an event for you. Yesterday the tickets to the Slow Food Spring Supper went on sale and are already one third sold. I am confident they will sell out in the next few days so if you're on the fence, let me refresh your memory on last year's supper. It is honestly the best money you will spend on a dinner all year and the prefect opportunity to experience the awesomeness that is our NS bounty. (Can I just say, after reading my old post, I am amazed at how much my life has changed in one year. Here's to an even brighter 2013!) Did I forget to mention every course is paired with a NS wine or beer?

Speaking of wine, this Thursday marks the return of Benjamin Bridge Nova 7. After kicking myself for not buying it by the case last year, you know where I'll be this Thursday. Tasting are happening all over the city so I suggest you get your bubbly on.

Lastly, although taster tickets are sold out, the Dartmouth Cookie Jam still has a few spots open for bakers looking to show off their skills and raise some moula for Grace United. As a judge, I am beyond stoked to stuff my face full of cookies. Expect a post full of buttery, sugary delights.

One last reminder that next Tuesday is Eat Your Heart Out all over our fair city. Participating restaurants will be donating 15% of sales to The Maritime Heart Centre. Funny enough, last year I went to Morris East. "Raise your fork - raise some money!"

I'm sure I'm missing loads of local news but after the conference, my head may just explode.