Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the buzz: Feb 20

Alrighty. It's buzz o'clock.

First up, the big V Day is over. In preparation for the big day of romance, Food Bloggers of Canada put together a round up of the country's most romantic restaurants but this lady totally dropped the ball. Stuff happened and I couldn't get my post done in time. My bad. However, if you are wondering where to find that romantic je ne sais quoi here in Hali, I put the question out there to some food lovers. I must add, however, that 'romance' will mean something different to each of you. While I can find romance in the loudest, most happening jam packed resto, you may require more privacy, more quiet. So here we go in no particular order.

1. Stories. Apparently Stories, which I-gasp-have yet to visit, is right up there in the romance category. Stellar food, exceptional service, intimate dining rooms, special overnight packages with the Haliburton Hotel. They even do blind menu tasting menus. I really gotta get in there.
2. Chives. While Chives serves up romance in it's casual fine dining atmosphere, great wine list and amazing food, they've got an ace in their pocket, the vault. A remnant from the days when the spot was the Bank of NS, the now wine cellar vault provides the most intimate of settings with a table for 2-4 all awash in candlelight. It does not get more intimate than that.
3. Brooklyn Warehouse. No surprise this is on my list. Yup, it's loud and busy but that's what gives it that award winning atmosphere. Pair that with crazy inventive and mind blowingly delicious food, awesome service, and great cocktails and you're got one helluva romantic night.
4. Morris East. While limited seating may have you mere inches from neighbouring diners, the impeccable service and warm atmosphere will make you forget everyone else except your date. But, honestly, the pizza alone will have you falling in love with whoever happens to be sitting across from you. Get the pear pizza and tell me I'm wrong.
5. Gio. I'm adding this to the list since we actually dined at Gio this past weekend (thank you Big Day Downtown visa card win!). Even though they were much busier than they were staffed to handle, it turned out to a wonderfully romantic date. Great service, great wine, a seat beside the fire place, and some incredible food. Plus, sweetbreads people. There were sweetbreads. Nuff said.

And how amazing is it that all of the above source locally? That alone makes me feel romantic. Now that I've got you wanting to make another February date, Dine Around is in full swing and you only have til the end of February to take advantage of the awesome menus. Anyone up for a daMaurizio date? You paying?

As if that isn't enough to get you salivating, the moment has finally arrived. Tomorrow and for the next two weeks Brooklyn Warehouse is food truckin. Yup, the kitchen reno has started and the BW crew has taken over Nomad Gourmet. Put all that genius behind BW and the talent of Chef Mark Grey in a food truck and no wonder I'm stoked. I'm most likely heading there in a few hours because, let's be real, I ain't waitin. I also gotta remind y'all that Brooklyn is reaching out to the community, that means you, to help them fund said reno. You help a small local business succeed and in return get some free stuff. Sweet deal. Get your crowdfund on.

In other non-restaurant news, weekly news over at Food Bloggers of Canada including some FBC 13 conference updates. If any of you food bloggers were on the fence, there are only 13 tickets left after less than a month. With an overwhelming response like that, I'd say we're in for one awesome experience this April. Get 'em while you can.

And that, folks, is your buzz. Hungry yet?