Thursday, February 28, 2013

food truckin Brooklyn Warehouse style

Well, today is the day. The last day to send some love Brooklyn Warehouse's way by contributing to their kitchen reno crowdfund campaign. Sure, you get amazing meals and/or your name on the wall in return but to entice you a little more, here's how they've handled their kitchen reno. And, by handled, I mean rocked a small plates menu out of a food truck while simultaneously reno'ing. If that isn't reason enough to support the campaign, than I don't know what is.

Nomad meet Brooklyn
the boyz 
I'll have one of everything please.
Bridge Farmhouse on tap
short rib poutine & lobster roll
smoked duck Caesar 
and the winner is....
true love
As you can see, the crew rocked that food truck like they'd been doing it for years. The food was every bit as delicious as any regular Brooklyn menu. From the braised rabbit mac n' cheese with truffled crouton to the smoked duck salad with polenta croutons, panchetta and That Dutchman's Dragon's Breath dressing to the lobster roll with Brother's bacon and tarragon aioli to the red wine braised short rib poutine. In-freakin-credible. I gotta say my fav might have been the poutine despite the fact that I don't actually like poutine. It was that good. But I can't forget the real star, the maple whisky waffle with bacon ice cream and maple glaze. Yeah, that's right. If true love had a flavour...

Brooklyn really delivered on this one. All the awesome service and atmosphere they're known for plus straight up street food plating. God damn can they get any cooler. It's pretty obvious we've once again contributed to the crowdfund because if I can do anything to help Brooklyn reduce their debt load and keep them in business longer, then hells yes I'm gonna do it. And if after all that you still need more convincing, jump on over to their site for all the info. Oh, that food truck menu only runs til Saturday. Tic toc people.

And big thanks to Mark and Amir for the amazing eats and to George and Joanne for always taking care of us. Mad love.