Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the future looks delicious

Back in December some bloggers and I were lucky enough to get invited to a holiday buffet at the NSCC Akerley Dining Room. Not just any buffet however. This was more of a small plates bonanza showcasing the work of the second year culinary students. And being the food lover I am, I almost made it through the entire menu. Everything except the seafood chowder to be precise. And don't even get me started on dessert...

While I can't begin to describe just how incredible all the food was, there were certainly some stand out dishes. First, the borscht. Great beet flavour, added texture from the sausage and that sour cream ice cream totally blew my mind. Tart with a hint of cinnamon. This takes borscht to a whole new level. No surprise I also loved both the squash ravioli with Old Growler and the salad with lardon vinaigrette and quail egg. Both perfectly executed and oozing with flavour. Poached quail eggs? I mean really. Lastly, the salmon dish with wild blueberry maple sauce, beet puree and crispy kale was stellar. The perfect marriage of flavour, texture and colour. And while the dessert table was overflowing with goodies-brownies, tortes, homemade marshmallows, cheesecake, cookies, macarons-it was the creme brûlée squares that stole my heart.

the fab five
Best buffet ever. So much more fun-not to mention incredibly fresher-moving from station to station to see the students work their magic. Every Thursday you too can get your small plates buffet on and at $37.50, it's a steal. If, however, you wanted to leave without the buffet inducing food baby as I like to call it, the dining room offers an a la carte menu every Wednesday, designed by the students themselves. You may want to follow their facebook page to get all the drool worthy updates.

Big thanks to Chef Sue Morrison, a Pastry Arts Instructor, for opening my eyes to a whole new culinary experience in my own backyard. These students are the future of dining in our city and if these dishes were any indication, the future is looking delicious.