Monday, January 14, 2013

the buzz: Jan 15

Alright, it's January, the post holiday bingefest month. And that means most of you are probably taking a little break from the food and drink scene. But if you do happen to be looking for any food or drink related events, head on over to Food Bloggers of Canada for my monthly listings. And for all you Nova Scotians, best rest up for February. Next month brings the Winter Wine Festival (not all the details are out yet, but check out Susan's Grape Escape tours) as well as the Savour Food and Wine Festival. Not only are loads of restos participating in Dine Around, a month of special three course prix fixe menus created to showcase NS, but there's also the Savour Food and Wine Show, the Rare and Fine Wine Show, Decadence: Chocolate, Wine and Cheese and, new this year, Imbibe: A Cocktail Story. I was lucky enough to volunteer at Savour last year, and trust me when I say, this is THE food event of the year. Tickets are on sale now so get 'em while you can. If I get my way, I'll be eating my face off all month long! Giddy up.

Also helping with the whole 'eat my face off' goal are the Meet Your Local events from the Local Connections folks. Every month they're putting together an intimate evening or two full of food and drinks from amazing local businesses. If the pics from the first event (where Propeller beer was paired with eats from Ratinaud Charcuterie) are any indication, this is something to watch out for. Details are released via their monthly newsletter so get yourself signed up.

In other deliciously exciting news, Graeme Ruppel, formerly of Coastal at Night, Getaway Meat Mongers and Brooklyn Warehouse (what a resume, eh!), has now joined the Nomad Gourmet team. And folks, you know what that means. My chicken n' waffles dreams are coming true. I luckily got in on the chicken n' waffles action at Coastal at Night (you can read about that love at first sight here) before they closed their doors and was hoping this very thing would happen. Chicken n' waffles on a food truck is exactly what Hali needs. Something new and exciting and downright delicious. I plan on making my way there this week so follow @nomadgourmet on the ol' twitter or facebook to see where you can find them.

Lastly, we finally made it back to Brooklyn Warehouse to experience the awesomeness that is their monthly menu. Talk about seasonal! And January's menu totally rocked my world. While I'm sure everything on the menu is incredible, we did get the inside scoop on a few items to try, namely the beef tartar and the momofuku. Holy f. I know some people get totally grosed out by the thought of eating raw beef but this aged local beef was melt in your mouth, mind blowingly delicious. And paired with the raw egg, pickled onions, grainy mustard, crostini, and fresh horseradish, it was perfection. I could have easily ordered several more portions and been completely satisfied. Equally as incredible was the momofuku appetizer with soy pork belly, scallops, bacon dashi, glass noodles, mustard seeds, and homemade kimchi. What depth of flavor. This dish was something I have never before experienced in Hali and precisely why I am in love with the BW. They're dishin' up new and inventive cuisine every damn month and I want it all. Oh, the rabbit porchetta and the lobster chowder (vanilla, truffle and foie gras oh my!) were also amaze balls. That's right, AMAZE BALLS. So there is simply no way I'm letting a month go by without hittin' up the BW. I suggest you do the same.

And that right there is the first buzz of 2013.