Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monthly Miette: creme fraîche scones and lemon curd

Back in December, I finally, after a few months of missing out, got back in on the Monthly Miette action. In case you have forgotten, Aimee of the blog Food: Je t'Aimee posts the monthly challenge from Miette, a cookbook from the San Fran bakery of the same name, and then we get our bake on. We also must eat the cake or whatever it happens to be for breakfast. A mighty fine rule indeed. December's challenge was creme fraîche scones accompanied by another item in the 'essentials' section. And what better to go with lil bite sized scones than lemon curd.

First up, the scones. I opted to make my own creme fraîche out of buttermilk and cream rather than searching around the city for some to buy. Apparently it's on the pricy side and besides, having buttermilk in the fridge is always great for those Sunday mornin' pancake cravings. The recipe itself involved a bit of mixing action in Big Red, pressing the dough into a pan, cutting them into lil squares, freezing, and lastly, baking. Many steps, I know. One thing I will say is the dough was rather crumbly so some inevitably fell apart during the cutting. The curd, which I made for the lemon tarts the last time I participated in the Monthly Miette, also involved several steps: cooking, cooling, straining, adding butter, straining, and cooling. But not one to follow directions, I opted to save some time and cut out the second straining step.

Now who 's gonna help me eat all these scones? Well, the ladies of course. Yup, I invited over the same food bloggin' food lovin' ladies for a little Saturday afternoon tea party. How fancy. Table set. Kettle's on. Let's do this.

Despite being a tad labour intensive, both the scones and curd were awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the slight tang from the creme fraîche in the scones and, while at first I was skeptical of their bite size, I ended up loving them. Each scone could be topped differently and, thanks to the ladies, we had a ton of toppings to choose from: clotted cream (holy spreadable whipped cream heaven!), local cranberry quark, strawberry jam (with local berries I picked this summer!), butter, molasses, and, of course, lemon curd. Trust me when I say this folks, you need curd in your life. It's totally the eat with a spoon kind of stuff dreams are made of. Tart, sweet, lemony dreams. While all this paired with some good ol' orange pekoe would make any granny proud, I obviously didn't stop there. We also enjoyed a bottle of Blomidon Cremant (an incredible local bubbly), minted cranberry orange punch, and my dark chocolate banana cake.

Just thinking of it makes me want to do it all over again. Ladies, tea party?