Thursday, December 6, 2012

chocolate fix

It's no secret. I love me some chocolate. But a long time ago I switched to dark and can't go back. Now milk chocolate merely tastes sweet with the sugar completely overpowering the cocoa. But since dark chocolate is far superior in terms of its antioxidants, I'm one happy camper.

A few months ago (yup, finally getting through those half finished posts) my girl Aimee and I were invited to taste some chocolates at the Choco Cafe, a combined chocolate shop (Chocolates by Design) and cafe on Lower Water across from Bishops Landing. Check out her post for more detailed info and a load more pics. The shop is pretty much a chocolate lovers paradise with crazy variety, crazy enough to please any palate. Chocolate covered dried mango? Check. Caramelized almonds dusted with cocoa? Sure why not. And the list goes on and on and on. You get the picture. And the chocolate love doesn't stop there. They also customize chocolates for parties or weddings or whatever your chocolate needs. Cool indeed.

We sampled a few chocolates and surprise, surprise they were delish. But what I really wanna share is the absolutely amazing hot chocolate. Now I'm not one to even order hot chocolate but when it's the real deal with actual chocolate and not some powdery mix of sugar and cocoa, I'm in. And this my friends was exactly that. Dark chocolate, steamed milk. Period. Although I totally went for the whipped cream and cocoa cuz go big right?

That right there is heaven in a cup. So incredibly decadent. For all you dark chocolate novices, I highly recommend it. The natural sugar in the milk provides just the right balance of sweetness but if that ain't enough of a sugar rush, they also offer it with milk chocolate. So next time you're jonesin' for your chocolate fix, hit up the Choco Cafe. Did I fail to mention they're open late?