Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the buzz: Nov 6

Back at it again with your weekly news.

First up, some news over at Food Bloggers of Canada. I know much of the news can sometimes center around other parts of Canada but I would really love to have some food blogger workshops and events right here in NS. I was attempting to plan such a meet-up months ago but life got busy. Real busy. Despite my crazy schedule, I hope to get back in the game and continue the planning for the first ever Atlantic Food Bloggers Meet-Up. So, if you're interested, feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email/fb/twitter. Let's do this! And, in fact, this past Sunday some foodie folks and I had our first foodie tweetup. Now I'm not entirely sure what one does at a tweetup but to me it's all about bringing your twitter connections to life. Meeting folks in person to chat about those mutual interests that brought you together on twitter in the first place. Right? Well, regardless, five other food loving folks and I ate some yummy brunch and talked food, food, food. Best conversation ever. We plan to continue the foodie tweetups so if you want in on the action, either follow my food obsessed tweets @kathyjollimore or check back here or on my fb page.

Alright, on to some more tasty news. Today, the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia released the top three nominations in several categories for their 2012 Restaurant Awards. While many of my favs including Morris East and Chives made the short list, I'll let you check out all the nominees on their fb page. Winners will be announced at their Restaurant Awards Dinner Nov 15 at Casino NS. Somehow tickets are still available so get 'em while you can.

Sadly, it was announced today that a fixture in the Halifax Greek restaurant scene Ela, formerly known as Opa, is closing their Argyle St. location after twelve years in the biz. I don't yet know much about the reasons but you can still enjoy their eats at their Dartmouth Crossing and Bayers Lake locations. It is thoroughly disappointing that yet another business is closing downtown. Hopefully there's a silver lining in this cloud with the opportunity for a new business to take over the space and enliven our downtown. Speaking of enriching our downtown, Tempo Food + Drink, a new restaurant in the Delta Barrington has recently opened. I'm actually headed to their Grand Opening tonight so I better make this quick!

If you haven't heard, Easter Seals NS has a pretty sweet-if you're addicted to all things food like me-fundraising on the go with their Out & About Lottery. There's only one grand prize but it includes, among other things, 52 NS dining experiences for 4 people. 52!!!!! My luck better be on my side with this one! Of course, there`s also that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping Easter Seals help children and adults with disabilities live happy and fulfilled lives.

Lastly, the Souls Harbour Rescue Mission in the North End, a drop-in centre that offers assistance to Halifax`s homeless, is looking for chefs and volunteers to assist with their holiday dinner this December. If you have some spare time, can donate some food, or help cook up a big scran for the homeless, check out their fb page and get involved. If all goes to plan, I`ll see you there. It`s probably the best Christmas gift I will give this year.

Until next week...Eat Up.