Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the buzz: Nov 29

Big news this week. Well, big in my world anyway.

First up, if you didn't pick up a copy of last week's Coast or didn't check it out online, you totally missed seeing my mug in there! A few weeks ago Allison, the Food and Drink editor at the Coast, asked a few local bloggers their take on the food scene in Hali including our pics for best restaurant of 2012. And wouldn't you know it my top pick was also famed Coast writer Melissa B's fav too. Oh snap. Ace Burger Co right there on the cover. If you  have yet to try one of Ace's sick (as in awesome) burgers, now's the time. We can't all be wrong. GET SOME. For real. I may actually be heading there in a few hours to get my fix.

Also, this week, some food bloggers and I were invited to the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards Luncheon. Lord knows how I get on these guest lists, but damn, keep em comin! I gotta say, the Taste of NS event was incredible. Not only did we munch on some tasty lunch boxes from Jane's Next Door, but we were apart of something bigger, something magical. There's no way I could convey in words the feeling in the room; that incredible love and pride in NS, the passion of our chefs and producers, the sense that we are shaping our own food culture. I felt all warm and fuzzy and I admit at times I was almost a little teary. But for that I need to thank Doug Townsend, Marketing guru at Taste, for the incredible videos he produced, perfectly capturing the passion of each and every winner in a few short minutes. The videos are now up on YouTube so get those tissues and be prepared to love your province like never before. But without further ado, it is with mad local love that I give you this year's Taste of NS Prestige Awards winners:
  • Essence of NS Restaurant of the Year - Trellis Cafe (Hubbards)
  • Chef Inspired Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year - Wild Caraway (Advocate Harbour)
  • Chef Inspired Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year - Le Caveau (Grand Pre)
  • Innovative Product of the Year - Ironworks Pear Eau de Vie (Lunenburg)
  • Producer of the Year - Fox Hill Cheese House (Port Williams)
  • Server of the Year - Andrea Davidson (Fleur de Sel, Lunenberg)
  • Consumer Choice Product of the Year - Eel Lake Oysters (Ste Anne du Ruisseau)
  • Culinary Ambassador of the Year - Chef Craig Flinn (Chives Bistro)
In other restaurant news, a few openings and closings to note. Apparently, the newest Chickenburger location on Queen St is closing to make way for development. Seems like a whole lotta money went into building that location to simply close mere months later. But word is the Chickenburger will have a new home in the new development, whatever that may be More exciting, however, is word of a Cantonese bakery opening downtown. Now, while I cant say I've ever been to a Cantonese bakery, or any Asian bakery for that matter, I'm certainly stoked for something different. But if they have steamed buns, I'm there.

Lastly this week, is the news over at Food Bloggers of Canada. One very exciting piece is FBC's new Restaurant Roundup feature, a monthly column of the 'bests' from bloggers all over the country. This month was all about the best ramen. You really gotta check out these pics. While you will see my contribution next month, I unfortunately was unable to get into Truly Tasty, the one and only ramen joint in Hali, before the deadline. Ramen, I'm still comin for ya.

And just a reminder for you Xmas shoppers, the Halifax Crafters Holiday Market is this weekend at the Olympic Center on Cunard. I can't even begin to list all the awesome gift ideas you'll find. Last year I scored big so you might as well check it out and keep that money right here in NS. What have you got to lose?

Until next week...keep on eatin on.