Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the buzz: Oct 31

Another week, another news update.

First off, check out the news over at Food Bloggers of Canada including two new members straight outta NS. And I highly recommend clicking on the latest featured blog, The Gouda Life. Nothin but incredible photography and amazing recipes. You can also give Kelly the ol' twitter follow @thegoudalife to stay up to date on all her posts.

Now on to the local news. Tomorrow, being Nov 1st, means Brooklyn Warehouse releases their new dinner menu. In case you haven't heard, they've gone completely mad and are doing monthly menus. Talk about eating seasonally! I totally missed out on the October action so I really need to get it together and get in there. Otherwise, I just feel like I'm missing out. Aren't you glad you can now feel that way too?!

If you're looking for something to do this week or this month for that matter, look no further than the event listings at FBC. Just when I thought things were slowing down with the cooler temperatures moving in, NS brings their A game once again with a month full of food and wine and beer. Fingers crossed that lotto ticket is a winner cuz I wanna go to ALL of it!

While not on the listing, this Saturday Pete Frootique`s is celebrating 20 Years of Yum. Twenty years in business is reason enough to celebrate but Pete`s is spreading the love with in-store specials, samples, and prizes at all three locations. Way to go Pete. Here`s to 20 more.

Speaking of celebrations, Two If By Sea is turning 3! And as a birthday gift to you they`re offering $1 bevvies at the original Dartmouth location. One dolla cappuccinos? Why yes please! It's no secret that TIBS is our fav cafe and we are thrilled to be back on the D Side living mere minutes away. Yup, three years ago, while living in Dartmouth, TIBS got us hooked on perfect capps and reminded us that there ain't nuthin' wrong with a good dose of butter. Know what's even cooler? My very first blog post was on none other than TIBS. Pretty f'n cool. So, join us Saturday in sending some love their way. You might as well eat some butter while you're at it. I know I will.

In other delicious news, our awesome NS wine is once again getting some press. Check out the Top 25 Best Wineries in Canada countdown over at Wine Access Magazine where Gaspereau Vineyards ranked in at #16. Incredible. Gaspereau is one of my favs and if you have yet to try their Muskat, go get it now. Thank me later. Or get your ticket to this Friday's Wine and Chocolate Tasting Event in support of The Canadian Parapelegic Association. There's no perfect way to taste a variety of wines including NS favorites while snacking on creations from local chocolatiers. My girl Moira of Unwined will be there workshopping some of her NS pics including Avondale Sky and, well looky looky, Gaspereau. Did I mention the Muskat?

Lastly, Local Connections, a magazine promoting local biz and intent on "connecting you to your community", is at it again with new Meet Your Local events. Starting in January, they are offering intimate evenings hosted by local businesses. First up, is Ratinaud Charcuterie and Avondale Sky. They will not only guide you through three courses of food and wine, but also share their contributions to the local food movement.  So, get your ticket and get your local love on. I pretty much bought mine the second I saw the tweet.

Well, there you have it folks. Until next week, EAT UP.