Monday, April 30, 2012

eat your heart out halifax

You know I don't need a reason to eat out. Ever. In fact, I usually have to convince myself the opposite. "Kathy, there is tons of food at home so just get off your butt and make some dins." Or something like that. But last Tuesday April 24th, I had a very good reason for dining out. It was Eat Your Heart Out in support of the Maritime Heart Center. In itself, the Maritime Heart Center is a great cause to support especially from someone so deeply involved with food but there was more to the story.  Eight months ago, a close friend Christena, a young and healthy and beautiful woman, had heart surgery. Definitely not the stereotypical heart surgery patient. Before the surgery, The Maritime Heart Center was instrumental in helping her understand the surgery and provided her with all the information she needed. More importantly, they sent along a former heart surgery patient to reassure her it was all going to be ok. Coming from someone who had been there, it meant a lot. I was thrilled when I found out Christena and I could support Eat Your Heart Out together.

While there were loads of awesome restos participating, we chose Morris East. Wood fired pizza made with local love? Yes, please! I love Morris East but living in the North End means I don't get down there enough. And, in case you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the owner Jennie Dobbs, well take it from me, she's downright awesome. Like for reals.

With red wine in hand, because it is after all heart healthy, we ordered up some pizza and settled in. They were actually featuring a three course menu in honor of Eat Your Heart Out but we all opted for a pizza each instead.  However, I couldn't resist but order some charcuterie to share. These days I am mad crazy for charcuterie, especially those late nights when I get off work. Crackers, cheese, meat, chutney, fruit, or whatever combination you happen to have in the fridge. Much easier to throw together than cooking something. Besides, after cooking all day, its the last thing I wanna do when I get home. Charcuterie is also great because it's always a little surprise depending on where you go. Morris East's take included a creamy peppered blue cheese, a house made terrine, pickled onions, cranberry chutney, Fox Hill goat cheese, candied walnuts, pear, and a cured meat (somewhat like a chorizo I think) from the talented Frederic at Ratinaud, all accompanied by olive oil rosemary crackers. All I gotta say is wow. So so good-like I wanna go back just for this kind of-good. I like sharing and everything but I could easily have devoured this plate all by my lonesome.

Sharing, however, meant I still had room for some amazing pizza. Despite the small menu of nine pizzas, I still found the decision tough. Damn you Morris East for making such delicious sounding concoctions! But with some help from Christena and our lovely server, I chose the pear pizza. Be still my heart. If I was given the choice to only eat one pizza for the rest of my life, this would be it folks. Red wine poached pear, tarragon aioli, blue cheese, prosciutto and shallots. Yup, pizza heaven. No wonder it's Christena's fav although this visit she mixed things up and ordered the mushroom with portobello, oyster, and button mushrooms, provolone, parm, garlic, micorgreens, and, the real kicker, truffle oil. Mushroom pizza is a go to for us at home but this one puts them all to shame. So savory and earthy and rich and delicious. I didn't try it since I'm not a fan of pepperoni but our other guest, Christen's bf, decided to kick it ol' school and order the pepperoni pizza. Leave it to the folks at Morris East though, they added a heap of hot peppers to kick it up a notch. Crafty.

Both Christena and I couldn't finish our pizzas so took the remaining two slices to go. But I'll be totally honest, that pear pizza didn't even make it to my fridge. Like mere minutes people! If you're thinking pizza or simply looking for a great restaurant, get on down to Morris East to have your mind blown. You can thank me later. And I highly recommend heading over to the Maritime Heart Center's site to see some of their incredible work like free for all fitness classes. Awesome, yes. They are even selling an Eat Your Heart Out cookbook filled with heart healthy recipes from local restaurants. And $15 in the cookbook world is a steal.

So thank you Maritime Heart Center. It felt great to catch up with an old friend, eat some incredible food, and be apart of something so wonderful. Is it wrong I'm already excited for Eat Your Heart Out 2013?

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