Wednesday, April 11, 2012

changing the world one cupcake at a time

Photo courtesy of Shelagh Duffet
Remember that lovely summer weather a few weeks back? Well, during one of those incredibly sunny days, I along with some of the other ladies (food bloggers of course) attended the Blooming Tea at The Prince George in support of Adsum for Women and Children. I have known of Adsum for some time but after meeting the lovely Nancy Stapleton, the Director of Fund Development and Communications, at Aimee's tea a few weeks back, I was interested to learn more. And when there's food involved, well do I even need to go there.

To start the afternoon, we bought some raffle tickets and 'bid' on some delicious cakes, cupcakes and bread baskets donated from local businesses. This was my kind of auction! As soon as we entered the room at the Prince George, my heart swelled: the room was filled with men and women of all ages sitting together at beautifully appointed tables filled with gorgeous bouquets, little tea sandwiches, a wonderful assortment of sweets, and get this, a cute tea cup all wrapped up for each person to take home. Love was in the air and you could feel it. You could even taste it. You can make fun all you want about me going to all these teas (well, at least Brent would!) but let me tell you, you are totally missing out. Smoked salmon canapes, cucumber sammies, scones with clotted cream and jam, macaroons, cookies, mini cupcakes, and some good English tea to wash it all down. There's something so nostalgic about tea and sweets and those little crustless sammies. Not only did we get to enjoy all this great food, but we were also entertained with a fashion show that included accessories from some local shops like Biscuit, Splurge, and J&R Grimsmo. Pair that with some jazz piano and lovely company (Shelagh Duffet, Kelly Neil and Sheena Clark) and this was one hell of a fundraiser. Just check out the photos!

But my whole purpose for going to the tea wasn't to write about the food (OK, I couldn't help it!), but rather to spread the word about the amazing work Adsum does for the women and children at risk of homelessness in our community. As part of their fundraising initiatives, Adsum recently created a video entitled I Am Here. Before we go any further, why don't you take a few moments and have a watch. Trust me, it'll be 7 minutes well spent. Not only was the video quite touching and inspiring, but it really confirmed for me why I was there. Many don't know it but I grew up in a single parent family with my mom raising three girls on her own. Needless to say, we didn't have much. I was lucky though and, with the support of family and friends, was able to make a life for myself, growing into the woman I am today. But I try not to take it for granted because my life could very easily have taken a different path and I could have been any one of those women in need of Adsum's services.

So, I Am Here asking you to simply follow this link and take a look at the awesome work Adsum does not only for women and children, but for our community as a whole. Maybe you feel inspired like I and click on that link to see how you can help.  You could donate your time or drop off items on their wish list or even plan your own fundraising event. Or maybe you decide to donate money. My money got me a wonderful afternoon full of tea and eats and friends and I will most certainly be back next year. But I want to share that experience with you so for every twoonie donated, I will bake you a little mini cupcake of your own and perhaps we can enjoy it over a pot of tea. Cupcakes can change the world right? I'm sure as hell willing to find out.