Wednesday, January 18, 2012

redefining breakfast

OK, I know what you are thinking. Does this girl eat anything other than breakfast?! I admit I have quite the soft spot for that first meal of the day but, to be honest, my daily breaky consists of oatmeal with raisins, hemp, chia, flax, and cinnamon, a smoothie with Greens+, and a cappuccino a la Brent. Pretty boring. But once a week we forgo the healthy standard and trial some inventive breakfast we hope to serve at the cafe. Our most recent creation was a sammie of Brothers back bacon, egg, tomato jam, brie, and arugula. Hells yeah.

And sometimes we fork up the cash to have someone else cook for us and that someone is usually Chef Mark Giffin at Coastal Cafe. Living mere minutes from Coastal is rather torturous for me so when Brent suggested we try the new Winter menu as a sort of celebration for being accepted into the Self Employment Benefits Program (more to come on that soon!), I was thrilled. Even though I have some favorites I hope to see again (like the Durty South), I can't help but want to try everything on Coastal's seasonal menus.With loads to choose from (there's even a dish called the Hot Mess!), I settled on the Los Huevos Vaqueros, poached eggs, chimichurri steak, refritos, and quesco fresco chorizo arepas. Funny enough, I actually knew what all these were. For the most part the dish was wonderful; garlicky, spicy, and tender beef (of which there was plenty), creamy refried black beans, a touch of sour cream, perfectly poached eggs. However, I found the arepas, a cake made of cornmeal, a little bland despite the chorizo and quesco fresco, a Mexican cheese akin to feta which I unfortunately couldn't taste. Had the cheese been more pronounced perhaps I would have enjoyed the arepas more or perhaps I am just not that into cornmeal. Regardless, I ate every last bite!

Los Huevos Vaqueros
This visit Brent decided on Les Oeufs Hiver consisting of poached eggs, braised winter veg, duck confit, and brie croquettes but with the inclusion of duck did he really have a choice? Once again, he picked a winner. (How many damn times can I write that?) The sweetness of the braised veg, particularly the turnip, worked so well against the savory duck and earthy brie croquettes. One bite of this dish and I instantly wished I had ordered it. This may very well be on my radar for our next visit.

Les Oeufs Hiver
I know we are soon to open our own breakfast joint, offering up some unique dishes, but I honestly don't know how Giffin does it. So creative and so very delicious. If you haven't been, get your ass over to the Coastal. And if you're like me, addicted, all I can say is good luck.

Check the new Winter menu here.

The Coastal Cafe