Monday, December 12, 2011

the spices of life

lamb dhansak, chicken tikka masala, veg biryani, aloo gobi

We recently returned to Curry Village for the second time in just a few short weeks. You see, after trying Indian just once, my sister was hooked. So even with loads of dining options in Halifax, it was back to Curry Village for us. Having loved Indian for years, we were not about to complain. Besides going out for Indian with guests means you can order more dishes to share!

On our first visit to Curry Village, we wanted to showcase Indian food for my sister so we ordered the full meal deal: samosa, onion bhaji, tandoori chicken, beef madras, butter chicken, saag aloo, vegetable biryani, mango chutney, and garlic naan. I gotta say everything was wonderful. OK the garlic naan wasn't all garlicky and buttery like I am used to but the naan itself was great. The beef madras was quite spicy but the sauce was so delicious and the beef so tender that this was easily our favorite dish. Not one drop of sauce remained (thank you naan!). The butter chicken didn't disappoint either, sweet and creamy. Same story for everything else. Delicious.

So, it's easy to see why we'd return. This visit, we ordered the same staples-onion bhaji (yes, if you tried these deep fried oniony balls of deliciousness, you would think these are staples too!), veg biryani, naan, and mango chutney-but decided on entirely different curries. How exciting. We went a little crazy this time and ordered lamb dhansak. Crazy because I'm generally not a fan of the strong flavor of lamb and my sister, being more of a poultry girl, hadn't even tried it. Well, I'm glad we were feeling adventurous because that lamb was amazing. Once again, we enjoyed some incredibly tender meat bathed in a rich and flavorful sauce. Now this is lamb I can get behind! The chicken tikka masala was equally as delish, despite being different than other tikka masala's I have had. The cauliflower and potatoes in the aloo gobi were also well cooked and nicely spiced.

Once again on the food front, Curry Village delivered. But here's the thing. Curry Village isn't fancy. There's no modern decor, no fancy presentation, and the service is relaxed and attentive enough. It feels like a small family run business serving up some honest Indian food. And that's exactly why I like it.
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