Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank you Anthony

Tucked away on Charles St. near Agricola, Chez Tess is the local creperie that, until recently, we sort of forgot about. But luckily at our most recent party we were reminded by a friend whom works there and, after a night of perhaps a few too many, Chez Tess was exactly what the doctor ordered. It certainly wasn't the standard greasy diner breakfast we all tend to crave after some heavy drinking but, let's be real, that's not really my bag anyway. Rather, our breakfasts were fresh, healthy and soooooo yummy. Surprise surprise, I ordered the crepe with pulled pork, poached eggs. housemade salsa, and sour cream which was one order away from being sold out. Lucky me. The buckwheat crepe was hearty yet light enough not to overshadow the other flavours and the meat was both succulent and juicy, exactly what I expect from pork of the pulled variety. To top it off, it was served with a wonderful house salad and a potato cake. I absolutely love establishments that go against the so called status quo and serve salad or unconventional 'hashbrowns' for breakfast. 

Brent had the eggs benny crepe with poached eggs, Sweet William's bacon, and brie. One word. Wow. This would easily have been the back up for me had all the pulled pork been sold. And because the benny was served on the same buckwheat crepe it was much lighter in terms of both taste and calories than the traditional english muffin version. Combined with some delicious Java Blend coffee and some complimentary mimosas (damn it helps knowing people in the industry!), this breakfast was not only delicious but memorable. With a menu full of interesting crepe combinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention some amazing sounding dessert crepes, it won't be hard to find a reason to go back. That and it's a few blocks away!

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