Saturday, September 25, 2010

Perfect coffee and rich, buttery delights!

eat butter
A trip to the new Halifax Seaport Market wasn't complete without a stop to pick up some heavenly croissants and coffee from Two If By Sea Cafe in Dartmouth, NS. Living in Dartmouth, or rather the Darkside as it is so favorably referred, means we can enjoy a perfect cappuccino whenever we like. Yes, perfect cappuccinos in Dartmouth! This small but comfortable cafe offers all things coffee, from scratch muffins and cookies, Montreal bagels, and, last but not least, the best croissants this side of Quebec! I would even say their chocolate croissants are better than any pain au chocolat I've had in Montreal! (And I was addicted for awhile!) But beware, these indulgences are huge and rich so you may want to consider splitting one.

Two If By Sea recently won best barrista, best muffin/cookie and best cafe in The Coast (there must not have been a category for best croissant!) and with the consistent line up at their counter and packed house, it is easy to see why. While I am planning my cafe on the other side of the harbour, it is great to have a community centered cafe down the street. Yes, "I love Dartmouth" too!

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